Geronimo - Big Jim's Indian Friend! No. 9404

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Geronimo - Big Jim's Indian Friend! No. 9404

Post by Jim on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:51 am

- Geronimo No.9404/ "Geronimo" No.9404
- Produzione Europea 1975 / European production 1975
- Anno di commercializzazione 1976 /year of commercialization 1976

Contenuto/ content :

- Figure Made in Hong Kong U.S. & Foreign Patented , tanned skin , open hands, white slip and legs embedded by means of spheres. Real hair , bulging muscle and karate chop.

- The character:

It's the first character realised with Real hair based on big jim.
The figure ,being derived from Winnetou No. 9404 of the Karl May line, has the exact features of actor Pierre Brice who played the character of writer Karl may in a well-known film series.

Accessori / accessoires:

- Hair band (reptile skin print) in paper
- Beige suede trousers with side fringes and side embroidery stripes
- Suede beige moccasins
- Rifle with silver studs (Winnetou model)


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