Joe lo scalatore / Alpinist Joe No. 5099

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Joe lo scalatore / Alpinist Joe No. 5099

Post by Jim on Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:35 pm

- Joe Lo scalatore No. 5099 / "Alpinist Joe" No.5099
- Produzione per l'Europa 1981 / 1981 production for European market
- Anno di commercializzazione 1982 /year of commercialization 1982


- Figure Made in Hong Kong U.S.& Foreign Patented , tenned skin, grabbing hands, ,orange underwear, swivel head, elasticated leg joining, bulging muscle and karate chop.
The head is a re-adaptation of a well-known and already widely used face by MATTEL for other characters, the historian Big jeff. In this version has been revived with hair tending to orange yellow with large blue eyes and black eyebrows.


- Black balaclava.
- black suit (full).
- brown amphibians, in plastic.
- brown belt.
- rifle / machine gun with spyglass.
- pistol with silencer.
- Brown imitation leather backpack or bordeau in painted canvas. (depending on the production period)
- black knife.
- walkie talkie.
- binoculars.
- grapple with white rope.
- black descender tool


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