Torpedo Fist - action figure No. 9940

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Torpedo Fist - action figure No. 9940

Post by Jim on Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:18 am

- Torpedo Fist No.9940/ Torpedo Fist No.9940
- Produzione Europea 1976 / European production 1976
- Anno di commercializzazione 1977 /year of commercialization 1977

new and last reconversion for the Torpedo Fist character.
Now repurposed with grabbing hands like the new characters.
From advertising material and other editorial publications, it is always unclear whether he is an enemy or a friend of Big Jim.

Contenuto / Contents:

- Figure made in hong kong, U.S. And Foreign Patented, tanned leather, gripping hands, swivel head,white underwear,  Legs embedded by means of spheres. Bulging muscle and his right arm has a fist shot mechanism operated by a button behind his back.

Accessori / Accessoires:

- Blue pants
- Red jacket with horizontal blue rows
- Blue and black cap
- Brown rubber boots with the imprint of the wolf under the sole.
- Brown belt with profile of a wolf on the buckle


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