Old Shatterhand No. 9405

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Old Shatterhand No. 9405

Post by Jim on Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:22 am

The Action Figures MATTEL line similar to BIG JIM and based on the West Adventures fantasy characters of German novelist Karl Friedrich May.

- Old Shaterhand No. 9405 - First European version (was distributed in Germany and France)
- production year 1975
- year of commercialization 1976


- Figure made in Hong Kong "U.S. Foreign patented" ,tanned skin ,white underpants , open hands , swivel head , Bulging muscle and karate chop.


- Beige hat
- suede jacket with fringe
- suede pants;
- Brown west rubber  boots;
- belt with 2 holsters;
- 2 gun colt.
- sheath knife;
- Silver knife;
- Winchester rifle;
- Double shotgun;
- decal decorations for hat;
- calumet/ pipe;
- rope.


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