Professor Obb Overlord No. 9270

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Professor Obb Overlord No. 9270

Post by Jim on Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:22 pm

Professor Obb Overlord No. 9270 / Professor Obb Overlord No. 9270
produzione Italiana per il mercato Europeo / Italian production for European market
anno di produzione 1984 - year of production 1984
anno di commercializzazione 1985 - year of commercialization 1985

The big jim rival, even for this latest series, remained Professor Obb, confirmed the name but with a renewed face. though vaguely resembling the former, no longer has the Mongolian ethnicity.

Content :

- Figure Made in Italy, light Skin ,grasping hands, swivel head, Red slip , elasticated leg joining. Bulging muscle and his right arm hits karate.

Accessoires :

- Bordeaux full dress
- Pectoral armor - black / gray-silver
- Bordeaux Space Helmet
- Black rubber spacecrafts
- Gray Double belts with femoral joint
- Black spacecraft gun rifle
- Black space gun
- Black space knife
- Black electronic bracelet
- 4 decals
- Instruction sheet




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