Headquarters Commander No. 9394

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Headquarters Commander No. 9394

Post by Jim on Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:13 am

Capo squadra anticrimine No. 9394 / Headquarters Commander No. 9394
Manifattura Cinese per il mercato Europeo / Chinese manufactory for European market
anno di produzione 1984 - year of production 1984
anno di commercializzazione 1985 - year of commercialization 1985

Box front and rear


contenuto / content :

- blue jacket with red velvet inserts and metallic shoulder straps.
- blue long pants.
- Blue rubber boots.
- Silver case
- silver Space shooter gun
- silver space gun
- silver Space knife
- silver Electronic Bracelet
- four decals (one for the special mission)



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