The Whip - man of many weapons No. 9060-9963

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The Whip - man of many weapons No. 9060-9963

Post by Jim on Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:01 am

- The Whip No. 9060-9963/ The Whip No. 9060-9963
- Produzione Europea 1975 / European production 1975
- Anno di commercializzazione 1976 /year of commercialization 1976

Contenuto / Contents:

- Figure made in hong kong, U.S. And Foreign Patented, tanned leather, open hands, swivel head, white slip ,Legs embedded by means of spheres. Bulging muscle and karate shot whit right arm. He has a tattoo on his left hand depicting the profile of a wolf.

Accessori / Accessoires:

- 3 piece black clothing: jacket, flared pants and cap.
- Brown belt with profile of a wolf on the buckle
- Black rubber boots with the imprint of the wolf under the sole.
- whip
- black stick
- Bolas
- 4 silver boomerang
- Launches boomerang from wrist
- Eco-leather band with boomerang holes


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