Secret Agent 004 No. 2687

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Secret Agent 004 No. 2687

Post by Jim on Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:12 am

- Agente segreto 004  No.2687/ Secret Agent 004 No.287
- Produzione per l'Europa 1978 / 1978 production for European market
- Anno di commercializzazione 1979 /year of commercialization 1979

Derived from the  P.A.C.K. character Double trouble big jim, he was given the feature of not only changing face, but replacing the second face with one of the three masks provided.

Contenuto / Contents:

- Figure made in Hong Kong, U.S. And Foreign Patented, tanned skin, Grip hands, white underwear ,Legs embedded by means of spheres. Bulging muscle.the bust contains a mechanism that, by rotating the right arm, allows him to turn his face.

Accessori / Accessoires:

- beige trench .
- white long sleeved shirt
- Brown trousers
- full yellow / blue underwear
- black plastic amphibians. (made in Hong Kong)
- brown tie with white collar
- 3 interchangeable masks
- Brown Suitcase with 4 compartments. (made in Hong kong)


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