Lazervette secret agent 004 No. 8928

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Lazervette secret agent 004 No. 8928

Post by Jim on Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:35 am

Lazervette No. 8924

- Lazervette No.8928 / Lazervette No.8928
- Produzione Europea 1978 / European production 1978
- Anno di commercializzazione 1979 /year of commercialization 1979

this vehicle, conceived for the European market, is derived from the Lazervette of the Big Jim P.A.C.K. series.
It is renewed in color, and in the stickers, but also in the hidden weapon in the front compartment of the car. A gray laser cannon is hidden there.
Another interesting innovation proposed in the vehicle is the presence of a powerful friction motor operated by rope, with three modes of use.
The vehicle was designed for the character of Big Jim 004, formerly the heir of Big Jim He's double trouble! No. 9287


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